Organisational Licensing Australia


What do we do?

OLA independently manages your product, apparel and merchandise licensing programs, enabling you to focus on core business objectives, whilst we build you a bespoke economic engine providing valuable funds for organisational benefit.

How do we do this?

OLA will review your licensing program, identifying the performance status against your objectives. We then
design the optimum program for you, so you can maximise the potential of your brand. Alternatively if you do
not have a licensing program, we can build you one.

OLA will make a judgement on your company’s licensing position, identifying the lifecycle of your program, from
dependent, to interdependent, to independent, ensuring your model is ideal for you to gain maximum benefit.
Once this is identified we will mentor you through a process, positioning your organisation to take advantage of
the current and future landscapes.

How do we do this?

  • Full program assessment and recommendations
  • An E-Commerce platform that can develop into a
    one stop shop for all participants
  • Retail options for your clubs and stakeholders
  • Uniform and event design and supply
  • Product selection, design and supply
  • Logistical solutions for your program
  • Review the performance of current licensees and
    conduct audits
  • Supplier/Licensees contract negotiations
  • Business planning
  • Program administration and management
  • Financial oversight of program ensuring we maximise your entitlement
  • Introduce and deliver cause related marketing
  • Ensure compliance with ethical sourcing and fair work standards
  • Fulfil your requirements for events, staff, clubs, stakeholders and public

Why choose OLA over other providers?

OLA is proudly independent of suppliers, licensees, manufacturers, retail partners, supporters and stakeholders.
From this position, we have a lens over the company and can access the best pricing, best supply lines, best
partners, the best products without conflict. We act as your partner on your licensing program, protecting, whilst
enhancing your brand, building brand equity and value, ensuring WRAP compliance, whilst developing an
economic engine to support your core business.

Who are we?

OLA was developed in 2019 and is located in Melbourne, Australia. The two principals within the company are John Fahey and Mark Sargent. Both John and Mark have considerable experience and expertise in licensing for both the business sector and the NFP sector.

OLA evolved as a company, following a series of consultancies, where the principals provided expertise on projects associated with product and merchandise licensing. From these consultancies, companies and clients requested a greater
level of support and thus OLA developed a suite of services and levels of service for inspired organisations.

Why do we do it?

We are passionate about building your brand, growing your markets and increasing your benefits. From our experience, we bring an insight into your program, to help optimise the identified potential.

We analyse your market, identify the opportunities and then collaboratively plot a course for success. We are your partner, with your interests at the fore.